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İstanbul Living Room

  • 27,000 ₺
  • Product Code: İstanbul Duvar Ünitesi
  • Availability: In Stock

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This product, which is a special production of MOBİLESSE, is completed with 1st class MDF covered with black glass in every detail. The wooden parts are covered with walnut tree veneer on MDF.


The legs are painted with oven paint, making them 100% resistant to any rust and oxidation. The product includes a wall-mounted shelf and cabinet, which are included in the price.


This product, produced in compliance with European CE standards, is exported to Europe.


After you place your order, every stage of the product is tracked by the company and delivered to you without any problems. In case of any problems that may arise from shipping or the company, our company provides support and resolves your issues.


You can get detailed information through WhatsApp and live support section.

Wall Unit
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